Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I can't concentrate!

Well with a week down, I can say, for sure, that college is different from high school. I know that everyone says it is, but I still expected it to be similar. The classes have such a different atmosphere and it's more of a discussion than a lecture in most of my classes. I'm taking a programming course, which I like. The whole set up is essentially a quick demo and then a 3 hour block to play around with programming that we've learned. It's laid back, and it really has been constructive that way. Psych is really boring so far, sadly. Very basic stuff and the class hasn't gone anywhere yet. But I really have enjoyed Japanese so far. The class is fun, lots of talking, and the people are pretty cool. 

But my strangest course is definitely writing. Thanks to the Professor's stupid questions, all I can think about when I'm in the room is "What is Roz doing?" or "Where's Roz?" We talk quite a bit now, but she's all I can think about! I've learned her daily routines to a T, and she knows mine- I can tell. And we've adjusted our schedules according to each other. When we arrived, we didn't go to sleep at the same time, or wake up together, but now we do- and the timing is right between when we did originally. 

This has led to some small problems. Like my lack of concentration in our room, especially when she's there. Living a girl does things to ya...

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