Friday, March 16, 2012

Sorry guys

It's been a while since I posted last, and for that I'm sorry. I've been somewhat absentminded recently, and having a break last week didn't help matters. So, bottom line is, I haven't gotten to this in a little while. Hopefully my Professor won't hold it against me...

Over break something hit me. I was suddenly missing living with Roz. I mean, at first, I thought it was normal; I mean, who wouldn't miss living with a girl, right? But I realized after a bit that it was Roz that I missed. I think I might like her. And I don't know what to do. I've never really gone after a girl before...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I can't concentrate!

Well with a week down, I can say, for sure, that college is different from high school. I know that everyone says it is, but I still expected it to be similar. The classes have such a different atmosphere and it's more of a discussion than a lecture in most of my classes. I'm taking a programming course, which I like. The whole set up is essentially a quick demo and then a 3 hour block to play around with programming that we've learned. It's laid back, and it really has been constructive that way. Psych is really boring so far, sadly. Very basic stuff and the class hasn't gone anywhere yet. But I really have enjoyed Japanese so far. The class is fun, lots of talking, and the people are pretty cool. 

But my strangest course is definitely writing. Thanks to the Professor's stupid questions, all I can think about when I'm in the room is "What is Roz doing?" or "Where's Roz?" We talk quite a bit now, but she's all I can think about! I've learned her daily routines to a T, and she knows mine- I can tell. And we've adjusted our schedules according to each other. When we arrived, we didn't go to sleep at the same time, or wake up together, but now we do- and the timing is right between when we did originally. 

This has led to some small problems. Like my lack of concentration in our room, especially when she's there. Living a girl does things to ya...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First class...what a mess.

So our first-year writing course met for the first time today, and let me say- it was a mess. My professor, Professor Kirie, is one weird guy. When class started he told us to break into the pairs that we are rooming in, so Roz and I met up in the middle of the room. Each pair introduced themselves, and then he gave us each a worksheet to do. Most of the questions seemed a bit personal, but they were about our roommate.

Questions like "What is your roommate's bathroom schedule like?" or "How often do they shower?"

Of course, I haven't paid too much attention to Roz's bathroom trips, so I didn't really have any sort of answers. After we finished the sheets, we were free to go, so I grabbed lunch and went to my next class. Because we have to take a lab science, I took Chemistry (I was god at it in high school). We basically just went over the syllabus and didn't do anything else.

Now I'm just relaxing before dinner. Does anybody have any idea what those questions on Professor Kirie's worksheets?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Roz is still different...

But she's pretty awesome. I never expected her to like the video games that she does. It's hard enough to find people with my tastes in games, let alone a girl with those tastes. In any case, the silence is gone and we can talk again! We were having a good time last night, and today we were more friendly too. It's definitely getting better. I'm glad my roommate is happy, and we're getting to be friends!

On another note, classes start in two days. I got all my books, and welcome week stuff is over. I found two other guys I can hang with on our floor, and they're pretty cool. A lot like me. This year is shaping up to be fun!

So, I do have a question for you guys out there...I've got some money and I wanted to grab a new game. Anyone out there have any good suggestions?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Roz is...different

So, after a few days, I've finally unpacked my 360, and set it up. I invited a few people from the floor over to play some Call of Duty, and we were having a pretty good time. Roz asked to play, and immediately creamed all three of us! I'm still a bit in shock. I mean, I'm not very good at the game- I'm more an action/rpg kind of guy, but still, I didn't see that coming.

Now, I've been ignoring her since then, and it's been a few hours. I've just been chilling on my computer, playing some random free games. But, uh...This silence has gotten out of hand, and I don't know what to say to get us talking again! >.<


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So I moved in...

And my roommate is a girl! Who would've seen that coming? I didn't...

Anyway, we both seemed to have settled in, since we didn't have much choice. Apparently, our First-year writing course is based around a social experiment, and we both signed a waiver when we enrolled in the class. Seriously, who reads those things anymore? They should write it somewhere more explicitly!

I guess I can't really complain all that much. I mean, it's not like she's annoying or anything. She seems really nice. Her name is Roslyn, or Roz, and she's actually pretty cute. Damn, I hope she doesn't find this blog... Back on topic though, so far, we've split the room in two, and haven't talked much. Other than the major questions about how to set up the room, and what classes we're taking. Oh, which reminds me, we have three of our four classes together, and we're both undeclared majors.

We also set up a small area in the corner by the closets for changing. We discussed using the bathroom on the floor, but its actually too small. The stalls are barely big enough to go in, and the showers have no changing area.

In the mean time, we both have a silent agreement not to talk. I mean, we're only about 10 feet from each other, and both on our respective computers. Well, whatever. We've got a year together, so might as well deal with it.

Friday, February 3, 2012


So, this is my blog. I know, boring, right? I only have this set up because one of my classes at college requires a blog, although I don't have a damn clue what we're supposed to do with it. Anyway, I guess introductions come first, right?

I'm Kurt, a freshman in a college that, for now, shall remain nameless. I move into my dorm next week, and I'm relatively excited I suppose. And, well, uh...I don't have anything else. It's about time to go get some lunch since I skipped breakfast (food isn't worth getting up early. Except maybe bacon.) so I guess I'll leave it at this for now. If anyone sees this (and I doubt anyone will) feel free to comment, I guess.